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Goody Kitten Food 500gms

Goody Kitten Food 500gms

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Description: • Goody Kitten prepared specially formulated with high-quality proteins. CONTENTS Cereals, meat and meat products 45% (Chicken min. 30%), animal fats (Omega-3 495mg/kg, Omega-6 9.650 mg/kg), yeasts, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, aromas, preservatives, amino acids. METABOLIC ENERGY Goody Kitten Cat Food 3700 kcal / kg ANALYSIS TABLE Moisture 10.00% Raw Protein 28.00% Raw oil 9.00% Crude Cellulose 4.50% Ash 12.00% Calcium 1.50% Phosphorus 1,10% Sodium 0.37% Vitamin D 1000 IU / KG Vitamin E 60 MG / KG Taurine 1000 MG / KG RECOMMENDED DAILY CONSUMPTION AMOUNT Weight Consumption Amount Normal Active 2 kg – 3 kg 30 G. – 50 G. 40 G. – 55 G. 4 kg – 5 kg 65 G. – 80 G. 75 G. – 95 G. 6 kg – 7 kg 95 G. – 115 G. 115 G. – 135 G. 8 kg – 9 kg 130 G. – 145 G. 150 G. – 170 G. 10 kg 160 G. 190 G. Kitten’s nutritious formula is specially designed for kitten cats. The Taurine component promotes heart and vascular health, healthy vision and general development. Its balanced calcium and phosphorus content promotes strong teeth and bone growth while its easily digestible protein ingredient enables healthy growth and strong muscles. The amino acids and vitamins help to develop a strong immune system. Furthermore with its quality fat ingredient your cat will sustain a balanced energy. The vitamin mixture, balanced omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids promote healthy skin, strong and a thick and glossy coat. The ideal fiber composition eases digestion. Feeding Since Goody is a complete and balanced dry food for our food buddies, you do not need to add any minerals or vitamins unless your veterinarian has a recommendation. Put the recommended amount of food according to the weight of your friend in the food container and always make sure to have fresh drink water.

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