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Can’t find a doctor for your pet in accordance with your time?

Petso is an online platform for all pet related services! From buying your first ever pet or selling your precious one to finding a broad range of competitively priced pet food, toys and products for your beloved pets, we do it all! At Petso, we not only love pets but believe they make the world so much better therefore we are highly committed to provide your pets extraordinary care whenever and wherever they need it!

Or simply unable to find toys for your pet to play with? Yes, we had the same problems and that's what drove us to create Petso! An online Pet-Station, where finding your doctor to get your pets favourite food and toys, all happens under one roof! We believe in making pets happier and healthier without hassling their owners, therefore providing everything your pet may need within a click!

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Note : If your pet is experiencing a medical emergency, please take them to a full-service veterinary clinic as soon as possible. We are not equipped to provide the care necessary in an emergency.